Welcome to Holiday Cottage Hampers

About-Lucy-BarnesAs a family with three young children we spend many of our holidays in self-catering cottages and apartments. It was when packing for the umpteenth time that it occurred to me what we would make my life so much easier – a ready made package of all those essentials. How many times had we arrived after a long tiresome journey and realised we had no ketchup for the fish fingers? And what we are dying for is a cup of tea but there are no teabags, let alone sugar. And the number of occasions we have spent washing up all week because we didn’t have any dishwasher powder…

Holiday Cottage Hampers to the rescue! What we provide for you is a box of storecupboard goods and household items – just what you need for a self-catering holiday. All delivered to your destination of choice. You can also add two further “bolt-ons” which provide a bit more luxury.

Holiday Cottage Hampers
Holiday Cottage Hampers
Holiday Cottage Hampers


Even better, you can do your bit for the environment by not having to throw away or leave behind half used jars of jam or condiments. Anything unused and heading home will only take up the tiniest of boot space. Marvellous.

May your self-catering holidays be so much more enjoyable as a result.

Happy Holidays!